Donate a Book

Donate a Book is an Educational Campaign started by Step Forward Pakistan. Books are donated to the children who can’t continue their study because of poverty. Donate a Book Campaign promotes awareness of the importance of books in a child’s life, supports family literacy and has a direct and lasting impact on children in our community.


Millions of Children in Pakistan do not have access to libraries and most of their parents cannot afford to buy books as they are already living below the breadline. These children have never experienced the magic of becoming immersed in a good book. Step Forward Pakistan makes it possible for them to have access to books by donating appropriate and relevant academic, educational, story and comic books to them, thereby instilling a love of reading.

In line with our mission to provide under-resourced children and adolescents with new, we have donated thousands of books to schools and children’s organizations across all provinces of Pakistan.

When children have positive, fun experiences with books and reading, they become lifelong readers, who are able to make good decisions through the development of critical thinking skills and to live balanced and productive lives.

Reading is a tool that empowers learners and gives access to further education and life opportunities. Giving learners access to books is a big step towards raising a generation of Pakistan who can change the world!