How We Work?

The real aim of Step Forward Pakistan is to build character and to groom personality of people. For this thing, we are not just limited to seminars and programs, but we work on practical basis too. We provide equal opportunities to every member and every one of our team is a core member. Every member of us can suggest any event and can play his role in planning the strategy for that event.

Our members come up with ideas for different events, in our meetings and we provide them opportunities to share their ideas. Whenever any member comes up with any new idea, he is provided the chance to stand up and to speak with his thoughts, in front of all members. This thing helps him in building his confidence. After that, different members suggest their ideas relating to that event and it improves and purifies his / her thoughts.

When event is finalized and planned, then that member, who had given the idea for the event, is given with the supervision for the event. We divide the work in very small parts so that the chance of failure may become very less, to lessen the burden on the members and to share it. When that supervisor of the event will lead the event, it will result in improvement of his management and leadership skills.

After the success of the event, his leadership and management is praised and he is invited to tell that what problems did he face during leading the event, how did he find the solutions and how did he get success? In this way, we develop the self-confidence, leadership and management skills of our members, in practical way.