If i am a Girl Campaign

If i am a Girl Women's Rights Campaign by Step Forward Pakistan

“If I am a Girl” is an awareness campaign for Women Rights started by Step Forward Pakistan. We have written different quotes on banners displaying the important points for women rights. The idea of the event will be covered as that we visit different places in order to meet people from different ethnic backgrounds and professions. Meeting with those professionals, we organize this event in a specific and pre decided way. This is an awareness based event, where women hold the banners in their hands and their photograph is snapped. With the help of that photograph and banner, they share a positive message to the society about respective women.

The aim of this campaign is to create an awareness in women about their rights, in order to make them speak for it. The objective of this campaign is not to discriminate or humiliate the males but to tell them that females are our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives so we may respect them from cores of our hearts. A father, husband, brother and son should take responsibility for all the possible ways which are used in order to practice discrimination and violence against females. Women need to be protected and give rights not because they are associated with men, but because they are humans like men’s.

“Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him.”

Some of the Photos from our last event organized at Jinnah Convention Centre.