Step Forward Pakistan Introduced an event named as “Sensation” and its aim is to support the eastern culture of beautiful and positive values, by opposing the biased and ridiculous culture of the west. we arrange many events where Abaya is presented with new looks, colors and latest styles so that the people may adopt Abaya as a fashion, by getting impressed with these new styles.

Rather than that, we talk about the cultural exchange of different provinces of Pakistan so that all Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and Pathans may adopt the culture of one another and hence resulting in reducing the concept of provincialism. By adopting the culture of one another, the feelings of love, care, brotherhood, sacrifice and devotion rise for each other. We arrange such kind of events often where the cultural dresses of all the provinces are combined together to form a new kind of cultural dresses which shows the culture of whole Pakistan. Following this, all the people get united by wearing that dress having the belief as,

“Whether our language, area and provinces are different but we all Pakistanis believe in one Pakistan and are united under one green flag of our beloved country, Pakistan.”