Our Story

This organization was started in November 2012 by Mr. Muhammad Usman Awan. When he realized that the education system of Pakistan is not very good and after education, There are no positive opportunities in our country, Then he decided to create opportunities by his self and also he started to gave awareness to other peoples to step forward and do something.

Name of this Organization “StepForward Pakistan” was Suggested by Maham Khan (colleague of Usman Awan). When Usman realized that many people don’t have self confidence and opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas, he created a Roman Urdu Newspaper “StepForward Pakistan newspaper” and said them to write and share their views, Ideas, Thoughts,Point Out society Issues and suggest their solutions. He launched this Newspaper in Roman Urdu because some people were not very specialized in English and Urdu typing from keyboard is also difficult. It was a strange idea but very appreciated by students.

He realized that Students joined organizations to do something for country and well being of society but Organizations do not give them positive opportunities and just use them for their own purposes and services.Then he created his NGO and appreciate others to join. He Organized seminars and workshops for Self appreciation,Self Motivation,Leadership Skills and Qualities. He motivated to share their ideas and welcomed them.

This was our story and now with the long struggle and endless efforts, Step Forward Pakistan is registered in Pakistan as Non-profit organization.