Visit to Edhi Home

Title of event: Social issues and their solutions

Venue:: Edhi Home, H -8 Sector, Islamabad

Step Forward Pakistan visited Edhi home to find out some of the social issues, their causes and their solutions. The event started at 11:00 AM. First of all male members of SFP passed some of their time with Orphan children, played many games with them and divided bounties among them.
On the other hand female members met with ladies which are residing permanently in Edhi home. As everyone of you know that this was a research base event so we were trying to find out the causes of their presence in Edhi home and that what were the reasons which compelled them to be there in Edhi. After discussion with ladies, SFP got many reasons which were behind their presence over there. These causes were:

Clashes with parents
Property and Financial issues
Any kind of disability either physical or mental
People who were lost
On the other hand, we found some case histories of old men, and the reason behind their presence in Edhi home was:

1. One of the old men was from Swat Qabbul and there was no one to take care of him so chairman of that area handed him over to Edhi home. When he was handed over, one of his bones was fractured which is almost healed now.

2. Another man was found by army which was found from border area and then he was admitted in Haripur hospital. Later on, he was handed over to Edhi home.

3. A person, named as Abdul Waheen was handed over to Edhi home by a lady named as Shabana Qadeer from Satellite town. We found her statement and that was, “This person, Abdul Waheed is mentally retarded and he is one of the relatives of my father in law. It is not possible for us to take care of him and that is why, I am handing him over to Edhi home. You can transfer him to any area of Pakistan and you will be free for this.”

4. Another person was there in Edhi home who was handed over to them by police. Police found him near Swan camp and he had no relative.

5. The last man was givent o Edhi home by another old home, named as, social welfare old home. In their statement, they claimed that they have not any free space and room for him that is why he was handed over to Edhi home.

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