Wall of Kindness in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Step Forward Pakistan Team setup a “Wall of Kindness” in Transit Camp Chowk Rawalpindi. Due to the rain We started our event at 12:00 Pm and it was continued till 06:00 PM. In these 6 Hours, We distributed more than 500 clothes to different needy people and to their families. People were generous enough to send in the clothes in such a big quantity that the space on the wall went short. At one time Wall was Full of Clothes and still we were having more than 100 dresses in Stock which were not displayed on Wall and We were just thinking where to Hang them But soon More than 10 to 20 families came with their children and We distributed those clothes among them.
The purpose was providing free clothes and shoes to the needy people. During the morning and in the afternoon, people came and donated the clothes and shoes while some people came to us and inquired about our event and it’s purpose. As the evening approached, those people who inquired about our event came back and selected the clothes and shoes of their own choice. In this manner, their need for quality clothes was fulfilled and their self respect was not hurt and remained strong.
This was a well suited place for such event because the adjoining areas mainly consisted of colonies and quarters of the underprivileged people and the workers of railway.
So, the location of our event was one of the reason of our success.We did not take much photos of our event because we believe that this would hurt the self esteem of those people.
We only took the photos of those people who were willing for them. We successfully distributed around 500 Clothes and Shoes among just more than 50 Families, Kids and Poor People.
We still have more than 100 Clothes and some shoes in Stock which we will hang on the next Weekend. We’re really thankful to all those who came and donate Stuff for Poor and Needy People.
It was a tough job but we did it very Well. ALHAM DO LILLAH

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