Why Step Forward Pakistan?

There are hundreds of organizations which are working in Pakistan, then Why Step Forward Pakistan?

This is a question which may arise in your mind. So we are hoping that following points will compel you to become the part of this Organization.

  1. We take suggestion of our members in meetings regarding our future events and work on that event on which majority of members agrees.
  2. We divide whole work in small parts and assign a bit of work to different workers so that they may do that task easily and there may not be any bad impact of this on their studies.
  3. We don’t take funds from any political, religious party or government. In spite of this we fulfill our expenditures by ourselves.
  4. We have members of different cults and different provinces but we believe in one Pakistan and one Islam and in this regard we cooperate and help each other in critical situations.
  5. We have a team of passionate and dedicated people who want to do something for Pakistan. In this regards we are providing open opportunities to every member to do anything for betterment of Paksitan.
  6. We believe in history and reformation of society is our goal and we are working for the betterment of Pakistan.

This is the reason that by providing equal and positive opportunities to every member, all of our members are working happily with Step Forward Pakistan and new people are joining our organization.