Why we Help Poor People

poverty in pakistan

I always say Pakistan is a Rich Country When I see New Model of Cars and Big Traffic on Roads and their is no doubt that Pakistan is really a rich country but problem is that Rich are going Richer and Poor are going Poorer.

Our Country has Second Largest salt mine in the World,fifth large Gold Mine and No 8 in Rice Production etc etc . These are just few examples but again poor people has no access to these resources. They work 24 hours on daily wages and do not get more than 200 to 400 Rupees daily.

Well we are Muslim, we just want to see other people happy and satisfy that’s why we all volunteer of this NGO Collect money from our own pocket money and help them is whatever capacity we can without any credits. We are doing everything for Blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and for self satisfaction.

We help to provide them book and money to pay School fee of their children. We provide them Food to eat Well, e provide them Dresses to Wear Well, We provide Gifts to children and give them awareness to get more Education.

So if someone ask that why you help poor people then our answer is

“We do this for the blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and Self Satisfaction”


Muhammad Usman Awan

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